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PG Iceman

Ski, Run, Skate, Swim

About PG Iceman

The Prince George Iceman is a unique winter multisport that takes place during the midst of the North Central British Columbia winter. It not only showcases wonderful events and locations, it also appeals to people of all ages, and abilities: the event can be a race against the clock, against the weather, against the self or against others. It’s a race for everyone from beginner to elite athletes, and includes both solo and relay team categories. 

The event is spectator-friendly, with many opportunities to cheer on participants at the Otway Nordic Centre, the Outdoor Ice Oval and the Aquatic Centre.

When is the 2025 Iceman?

February 9th 2024

Registrations Deadline

Winter at its finest

How did the PG Iceman Start?

The Prince George Iceman was first organized and created by Peter Cederlof, Frank Blues and Dave Drysdale during the 1988 Calgary Olympics when cities across Canada were encouraged to highlight winter and sports in their communities. Originally featuring a “Tabor to Town Iceman Relay”, the route was revised in order to draw in more participants, creating the first iteration of the iconic route used today.

The Prince George Iceman is a very significant community event that has grown exponentially over the years, and has continued to draw in more participants of all ages and levels. As an opportunity to embrace winter, the entire event is a little bit “wacky”, often crazy and always unique. From its conception to the awards and everything in between. Just like a northern winter, the Iceman can be challenging and unpredictable but with a strong community and a bit of a plan it can be more than just be survived; it can also be truly enjoyed.

What are the events that comprise the Iceman?

One Day, 5 Events


The day starts with an 8km cross-country ski at the Otway Nordic Ski Centre.

10km Run

Next, it’s onto a 10km run from the Ski Centre along Otway Road, up Foothills Boulevard to the Outdoor Ice Oval.


Next, it’s a 5km skate (12 laps) around the Oval.

5km Run

Following the skate, there is 5km run heads south from the Oval to 22nd Avenue and then winds through the Pinewood subdivision and out to Ospika. The route then heads north on Ospika to 18th Avenue and west to the Aquatic Centre.


Last but not least, is an 800m swim (yes, this part is indoors!). 

Junior competitors complete different distances. See details

Something for everyone

How do I Participate?

There are lots of ways to be a part of this fabulous event. Your can participate as team, or if you are 16 years old or older you can take the challenge to complete all 5 legs of the event as a soloist.

If you want to experience the excitement of the event but aren’t able to compete, we are always looking for people to join us to volunteer at package pick-up and on race day.

Team Information

How many people do I need to make a team?

A team can have anywhere from 2 to 5 members. Teams can be all male, all female or mixed. Gather your family, friends and coworkers to make a team! (Junior Teams must have 6 members because the 10km run is split between 2 runners). See below.)

I’m looking for a team or need an extra team member?

While we don’t actively help you find a team, we do always have a post on our Facebook page to help members looking for teammates connect.

Can I participate on two different teams?

Yes, however, you should ensure that you will be able to finish your leg on the first team with sufficient time to get to the transition for your second leg with the second team. You must register on both teams (and pay the registration fee on both teams).


While participants are discouraged from competing on multiple teams we recognize that sometimes this becomes necessary. You are not allowed to complete the same section for two different teams/events (i.e., skiing for more than one team or as a soloist skiing for your solo race and skiing for a team simultaneously).

If a team participant wishes to “double dip‟ we encourage the participant to allow a one section break in between competing for two separate teams (i.e., skiing for one team and then skating for another, not skiing for one and then running 10km for another). Teams are entirely responsible for the transportation of their participants and thus if there are delays in getting a team member from one section to another, the organizers are not responsible. If a soloist wishes to “double dip‟ and compete for a team they are only able to do so once they have completed their solo race. Thus, soloists are likely only able to compete in the 5 km run or 800 m swim for a team.

Any participant “double dipping‟ is responsible to register and PAY for both registrations (i.e., two individual team registrations, or one solo and one team registration).

Soloist Information

Age Requirement

If you are 16 years old or older by Dec 31 year of the race you can take the challenge to complete all 5 legs of the event as a soloist.

Transitions Zones

RACE DAY – Transition zone bags must be delivered to Pool and Skating area by 9 am on race day.

END OF RACE –  gear pick-up provided for solo participants only – equipment will arrive at banquet.

Ski Event - How will my nordic boots get from Otway to the Ice Oval for the skate?

There is a boot shuttle available from the ski facility to the Outdoor Ice Oval for solo participants using Nordic blades. Boots must be placed in one of the plastic bags with your participant number on it (provided at package pickup) and then placed in the boot basket. These will magically appear at the Oval! Boots put in the basket without being put in your numbered bag are not guaranteed to arrive at the Ice Oval

Ski Event - What happens to my skis and poles once I leave Otway?

You can either have a friend or family member take them from you at Otway or our volunteers will gather them and bring them to the Civic Centre. **Please ensure all of your equipment is clearly marked with your name!!!!**

Swim Event - how do I get my swim gear to the pool and where will it be

Place your goggles/+/- cap towel etc in one of the numbered plastic bag (provided at package pick-up) on a numbered hook at the pool by the soloist entrance on the morning of the race. You will be handed the bag as you enter the pool. Place the clothes you were wearing into the plastic bag and back to the numbered hook for retrieval after the race.

You will also need body marking for the swim.

Junior Teams

What age qualifies as a Junior?

All junior participants must be 10 – 15 years of age.

Is the Junior course the same as the regular course?

The junior course has different distances:  4km ski, 10km run (2 runners @ 5km each), 3 km skate (7 laps), 5km run and 400m swim.

Junior team must have 6 members

Junior Teams must have 6 members because the 10km run is split between 2 runners.

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