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We depend on our awesome volunteers every year to ensure that our event runs smoothly. Close to 150 volunteers are needed at the event venues (Otway Ski Club, Olympic Ice Oval and the Aquatic Centre) and along both the 10km and 5km running routes.

If you are interested in being one of our incredibly generous helpers you will be given plenty of high fives, more thank you’s than you can count and a FREE LUNCH at the post race banquet and entered to win some amazing draw prizes. Please click the link below and fill out the information requested so that we can put you in the best spot possible.

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Exciting opportunities

Something For Everyone

There are so many great things to do at package pick-up and on race day as a volunteer including helping to hand out race packages, course set-up, crowd control, aid stations, timing, banquet set-up and equipment shuttle. So many different spots to volunteer, it is hard to list them all here. 

To volunteer please fill out our Volunteer Sign Up form and our amazing volunteer coordinator will be in touch with you!

want to volunteer but not sure what interest you??
Below is a very brief description of the duties involved with the positions!

Volunteer Positions

Package Pickup (Saturday evening ONLY)

The job is done the day before the Iceman, on a Saturday evening from roughly 5-7pm. Your job is simply to hand out race packages are soloists and teams come in to pick them up. We have a list of team names, you find their team name on the list and grab the correct race package for them. You’ll be given instruction just before package pick up starts on what should be in the bag and any special info to give participants such as what their ski start time is and if weather is a concern to check Facebook and the website in the morning for any changes to the race start time.

This is a super relaxed position and it is the one position where you have the entire Iceman committee with you if you ever need help or have questions… plus, you’re inside and warm 🙂

Course Set Up/ Take Down

The job requires you to be up early on race day OR stay a little later after race day. Course set up involves setting up pylons along the 10km and 5km running routes before the race starts (roughly from 8am-9am). Course take down and taking down the course near the end of the race. You will be taking down the pylons along the 10km and 5km route (roughly from 2pm-3pm). You’ll be outside so you’ll need to dress warm.

Pool Body Marking

The job requires you to be at the Aquatic Centre for 8am on race day. Your job is simply to write on the arms of the swimmers their bib number so that we can identify them in the pool and for team hand-off. It’s a super quick job that only involves being able to write numbers with a jiffy marker, and you stay inside and warm.


There are various jobs at Otway. Inside the cabin volunteers will be handing out timing chips to competitors, making sure that their bib number matches the chip they are being given. Outside the cabin there are some parking control positions, helping to guide drivers into parking spaces as parking is limited and the lots are always full. We will also have people that will be radioing participant bib numbers to the announcer as the skiers come in to finish so that we can prepare their running shoes, or have their team member waiting. We also need someone on a megaphone announcing bib numbers as participants come in to make sure that team members are ready to receive their timing chip. Finally we always need extra hands to wrangle our soloists and team members into the correct finishing shoot to either get their running shoes on, or pass off the timing chip to their team member.

Boot Shuttle

We need 4 volunteers for the wonderful position. You need to have your own vehicle that is capable of transporting skis and ski boots, so even a small vehicle is suitable for this task. The boot shuttle volunteers will be responsible for driving soloist ski boots to the Ice Oval for soloists that use their ski boots for their nordic blades. It’s a roughly 10km drive each way, but with 4 volunteers you typically only have to make one or two trips. It’s a quick job that lets you stay warm and cozy for your entire volunteer experience!

Train Crossing

Early on in the 10km run, we need volunteers at two railway crossings. This involves asking the runners to stop until it is safe for them to proceed and tracking the amount of time they spent waiting. Train stoppages do not occur every year but this job is important so we can account for this delay on the 10km run (if it happens).

10km route

Water stations along the route require handing out water or gatorade as participants run by. Cheering participants as they pass. Dress warm because this job is completely outside! Volunteers at the end of the 10km route announce via radio to the Ice Oval the bib number of participants heading into the Oval so that they can prepare the team skaters for their runners arrival and so that volunteers in the solo cabin can prepare the soloists gear for them.

Outdoor Ice Oval

There are many jobs at the oval including timing mat duty. Solo cabin volunteers help direct soloists as they enter the cabin to change into their skates and back into their running shoes. 

General participant control can include directing 10km runners as they enter the Oval to pass the timing chip to their skating team member, directing 5km runners as they leave the oval, announcing team numbers as 10km runner enter the oval and as skaters are finishing their skate to pass off to the 5km runners.

5km running route

Directing runners along the twists and turns of the 5km route and cheering them on as they pass! This is another job that is entirely outside so we suggest dressing warm and bringing something warm to drink!

Pool (Aquatic Centre)

There are many jobs here, and a few are outside, but most are inside the warm warm building. There is a timing mat located outside of the pool that 5km runners will pass before they hand off to their teammate, or for soloists before they change into their swim wear; this involves sitting at the timing mat as participants run by to make sure that the computer recognizes their timing chip as they cross. Inside the pool we need volunteers to ensure a smooth transition for our soloists as they come in to get their swim gear and to help organize swim team members as their 5km runners come in. 

We also need volunteers to put an elastic band on swimmers’ wrists as they head into their second set of laps in the pool. Volunteers are also needed to help collect timing chips as swimmers finish, and to be at the timing mat inside the pool to ensure that the computer recognizes the timing chip as participants finish.


We need volunteers inside the banquet taking tickets and stamping hands as participants and spectators come in to enjoy the post-Iceman banquet. We always have a committee member at this position as well as many people want to purchase banquet tickets at the door or wish to be let in without a ticket (which is a big NO-NO). Our banquet volunteers help to make sure that only those people with a banquet ticket are let into the banquet hall.

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